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Training / Coaching

As a teacher myself, of course I love to teach people. During training, I organize a learning environment in which people work in real-life situations based on the principle of learning by doing. Besides classroom training, I deliver on-the-job training/coaching to empower people to perform their tasks and to develop themselves in a broad sense.

As a teacher, I am a trainer through and through. I organize a learning environment in which people work in real-life situations. I deliver different kinds of training, mostly aiming to teach people Campus Solutions. The approach is often Boot Camp: this means that participants build their own prototype using all the different modules of Campus Solutions, while I coach and guide them. Again, this training is built on the principles of action learning and is really learning by doing.

Besides training, I deliver coaching for individuals. I coach people in the use of Campus Solutions or during the execution of an implementation project. My goal is to give people an insight into how they act, why they act like that and how to make their action more effective. The focus is, again, on the development of the individual employee.

A tool I use for coaching is the Analytical Competence Tool (ACT). This is a psychoanalytic method of measurement which makes it possible to identify unexploited employee potential. We know from research and experience that thirty percent of our potential remains unused. ACT is an instrument which elaborates on the archetypes of Jung and applies the theories of Adler and Rogers that measure people’s conscious and unconscious behavior. ACT is distinctive in its effectiveness, due to the method used (language and images) and the clear and extensive reports.


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